People are Good

People, as a whole,  don’t suck as bad as they can appear to at times.  I am extremely overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of support that has been displayed to my family via the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. There have been so many touching stories associated with our quest to raise money for this great cause. So far we have raised well over $1,700.00, and we are just getting started.  It’s funny how the smallest donation can mean the most, when the source is considered.  All of the donations made mean so much to us, and we appreciate everyone who takes the time out to recognize and support the search for a cure for this damned disease, but there are a few that have really touched my heart.  College students who are working their way through school have opened their wallets in order to motivate and inspire my sweet girl.  Struggling single mothers have put their own wants and needs aside to show Olivia, and all of us, that great things happen when we all work together.  This experience has been a great one so far and I can not wait to see what it brings into our lives next.


About brookebroome

I am the mother of 9 year old twin girls, one diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on March 15, 2012.
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