Finding the Diabetes Helpers…

Mr. Rogers always knows how to ease our minds. If I did not know that at this time yesterday, I do now. Our society has been overwhelmed by images and sound bites of death, destruction, and pure evil for over a week now. It has been depressing, to say the least. Last night I noticed that my Type 1 daughter was in second place in fundraising for our local JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. Now I know that it is NOT a competition, but if you know Olivia, it kind of is… so I posted on Facebook that she was less than $20 away from being in first place.  That is when the outpouring of love and kindness began and it has not ended yet. At that time she had about $420 in donations. The last time I looked  that number had jumped to $695 and counting.  That is amazing in itself, but the sources of the donations are even more amazing.  The donation that put her into first place was made by a single mother of three that could have used that money in other ways, but chose to help my baby.  That touched my heart in a way that words can not express.  There have been donations made by people who I know could not afford those  extra dollars.  One of my dear friends quit smoking recently and wants to donate the money she saved by not buying cigarettes.  We have received multiple donations from people we’ve never met and some that we don’t even know, thanks to the power of social media.  I am at a loss for words.  Thank you feels like a massive understatement, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Diabetes has touched our lives in many negative ways, but it’s also brought some good into our lives.  Much like the horrible events at the Boston Marathon, diabetes has forced us to “Find the helpers” and recognize the good left in the world. Even if it’s just for today, I will appreciate diabetes. I will forget (ok, do my best to forget…) all of the negative aspects of this awful disease.  Diabetes has forced us to recognize the wonderful friends and family that we are surrounded by, as well as giving them a way to show their love and support to Olivia, and to all of us.  You are all appreciated more than you could possibly know!  Thank you for believing in us and supporting us.  We love you.


About brookebroome

I am the mother of 9 year old twin girls, one diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on March 15, 2012.
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